Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADM2587E Evaluation Board

Analog Devices EVAL-ADM2587E Evaluation Board is an evaluation and prototyping platform for the ADM2587E Isolated RS-485 Transceiver. The EVAL-ADM2587E Evaluation Board is configurable through jumper connections. as half-duplex or full-duplex. Screw terminal blocks provide convenient connections for the power and signal connections, and the Evaluation Board allows both 5.0V and 3.3V operation. Test points are included on the power and signal lines on both sides of the isolation barrier.

The EVAL-ADM2587 is offered is five variants, allowing developers to choose the tool that best suits their needs.

  • EVAL-ADM2587EEBZ is a populated 4-layer EN55022 Class B Radiated Emissions Compliant Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-ADM2587EEMIZ is a populated 2-Layer EN55022 Class A Radiated Emissions Compliant Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-ADM2587EARDZ is an Arduino Shield Evaluation Board, designed to work with the the Arduino UNO
  • EVAL-ADM2587ERPIZ is a Raspberry Pi Shield Evaluation Board, designed to work with the the Raspberry Pi
  • EVAL-ADM2587EEB2Z is an Isolated RS-485 Repeater Evaluation Board


  • 2.5kV rms power and signal isolated RS-485 transceiver
  • PCB layout optimized for EN55022 radiated emissions 
  • 2-layer or 4-layer printed circuit board (PCB) layout 
  • Convenient connections for power and signal through screw terminal blocks
  • Configurable as half-duplex or full-duplex
  • 5.0V or 3.3V operation
  • Easily configurable through jumper connections
  • Test points for measuring all signals
Published: 2019-04-16 | Updated: 2023-11-15