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Bill of Materials (BOM) Import Tool

Mouser's new and improved BOM Tool transforms your imported bill of materials into an industry-leading part research and purchasing platform.

Use the buttons below to get started. For a step-by-step tutorial, visit our BOM help centre now or click the icon displayed throughout the import tool.

Import a New BOM View Saved BOMs

Just need to import a part list? Use the Part List Importer.

What's Next in Online BOM Management

Personalised Experience Set preferences for how you want your BOM to be processed such as currency, formatting, RoHS options, and more. The tool will even remember your preferences and column mapping for future BOMs.

Customized Output When you upload a list of parts, you can also choose what additional part data you would like us to include with your BOM output file.

Part Resolution Process No exact part number, no problem! The tool can use other data (like supplier name and description) to provide intelligent suggestions for you to choose from. No more "no results found".

Key Features
  • Import data via file upload or copy/paste
  • File upload supports xls, xlsx and csv formats.
  • Export BOM with your custom data and original formatting
  • Real-time product pricing and availability
  • Purchase parts online
  • BOMs saved to your MyMouser account
  • Available 24/7/365